ACT supports the production and distribution of a microbial restoration product that is saving lives and driving breakthrough research.


Our mission is to save lives through microbial restoration. Through our partnership with the University of Minnesota Microbiota Therapeutics Program, we developed the first stool donor program and are the only academic program in the world that is manufacturing therapeutic microbiota in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice protocols, a requirement for all pharmaceutical products. To date, we have produced over 13,000 capsules used to treat C. difficile patients and to target illnesses in clinical trials across the country.

Clostridium difficile is an antibiotic resistant infection that infects roughly 500,000 patients each year. ACT’s partnership with the University of Minnesota treats C. difficile patients locally and provides therapeutics to providers around the United States. Our therapeutics have treated over 1,000 patients with a 98% success curative rate against recurrent C. difficile infections.


Amanda's Story

Amanda is one of the strongest most energizing people you will ever meet. She battled C. difficile for months and is a living testimony of the power of FMT. She even changed career courses given her experiences.
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Matt's Story

I have literally changed my whole life to try to cure my disease, to no avail. In summary, despite having the best available treatments and medical attention at UCSD, nothing has worked prior to FMT.
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Heidi's Story: A Family Member's Perspective

Heidi's sister suffered from C. difficile and received an FMT. In this video, Heidi shares her unique perspective as sje helplessly watching her loved one suffer. So many of us can relate and this is a beautiful testimony that will give you strength!
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