Barb's Story

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My story is difficult to tell. It was a very dark time in my life, a time that I felt hopeless. My story started with repeat UTI' s, a throat infection, and diverticulitis attacks. I was treated by multiple doctors, clinics, hospitals and emergency rooms over two years with antibiotics. Multiple times after treatment I got C. difficile. It ravaged my body, at one point I lost 14 pounds in two weeks. Frustrated and with no where else to turn, I read an article about a scientist at the University of Minnesota that was making great strides in curing C. difficile. I contacted him directly and he said "I need to see you." Within a few days I was sitting in front of Dr. Khoruts - he spent a long time listening, asking questions, looking at my medical record and said "until we can stop the cause of the infections you will keep getting C. difficile from the antibiotics." He took the time to dig deeper and come up with a plan. Once I received the Intestinal Microbiota Transplant, I immediately started feeling better. After a few weeks I had returned to normal health and I am still healthy 7 years later. I believe in the powerful possibilities of these treatments as they saved my life!