August Webinar:
How Can Intestinal Microbes Regulate Immunity?

August Webinar

This event has concluded. If you would like to watch a recording of the webinar, please register below.

The appearance of COVID-19 has taught us that understanding and supporting our immune systems is more important than ever. Join us August 26th at 5:30pm CST for our free webinar "How Can Intestinal Microbes Regulate Immunity?" featuring guest speaker, Dr. Alexander Khoruts.

Dr. Khoruts is the Medical Director of the University of Minnesota's Microbiota Therapeutics Program and is one of the leading researchers in the field of Intestinal Microbiota Transplants. The Microbiota Therapeutics Program has helped hundreds of patients suffering from recurrent C. difficile infections, as well as developed a process to encapsulate microbiota in a pill format, reducing the need for invasive colonscopic transplants. The Microbiota Therapeutics Program has also developed a stool donor program and has provided therapeutic capsules for clinical studies across the country.


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